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Going to BATtle

About Going to BATtle

A intensive program for the serious hitter named “Going To BATtle,” which will cover all aspects of hitting including early pitch recognition, as well as proper loading and focus on getting hitters into a good position to make a direct pass to the ball.

Program Objectives:

• Pitch Recognition
• Plate Discipline
• Zone Management
• Being Selectively Aggressive
• Mental Toughness
• Science of the Swing


Players, here is your opportunity to improve your skills, gain confidence, and have some fun leading into the spring season. Each of these 4–week clinics focuses on a specific skill–set: hitting or fielding.

Winter Clinics

During the winter months, Crow River Comprehensive conducts a variety of camps and clinics for players to continue to grow and develop during the off-season.

While in-season game experience is important, it is equally as beneficial to include individual skill development and position specific instruction for all players. By participating in skill camps and clinics, players will be guided in helping to reach their goals and preparing for next season’s tryouts.

A detailed and comprehensive baseball curriculum is developed prior to all camps and clinics, which is executed by Crow River Comprehensive’s experienced staff of instructors.

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